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God of War Ragnarök: Aurvangar Wetlands water wheels puzzle guide

GOD of War Ragnarök received incredible reviews, and it’s going down well with fans too.

However, there are a number of tricky puzzles in God of War which need to be solved in order for you to progress through the game.


You’ll need some well aimed axe throws to solve this one.Credit: Sony Santa Monica
Freezing geysers is the key here.


Freezing geysers is the key here.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

One of these is the Aurvangar Wetlands water wheel puzzle that had us scratching our heads.

If you struggled with this one too, then never fear because we’ve got it covered.

How to solve the water wheel puzzle in Aurvangar Wetlands

After you find the Ormr, a water wheel puzzle blocks the path that allows you to leave the Wetlands.

If you throw your axe at the connector between the chains above it, you can knock down the counterweight.

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Climb over it to use the chain pulley system. When you pull the chain down, a portion of the gate blocking the path will come down too.

On the left there is a wooden walkway you can jump over. Here you will see a second chain to pull.

There is a geyser close by that you can freeze with your axe. Once frozen, cross it and follow the path to the left.

You’ll then encounter a large group of enemies, so prepare yourself to clear them out.

Use your chain blades to pull yourself to the top of the geyser cap.

You can’t freeze this geyser while standing on it, but stay up here and freeze the first geyser again.

This causes pressure to build up inside the geyser you’re standing on, spinning the wheel to lower another counterweight.

Recall your axe, and throw it at the weak point of the chain above the counterweight before it reaches the top.

Now climb up this counterweight and freeze the geyser you were just standing on.

This will increase the pressure and raise up the counterweight and Kratos.

Opening the chest here will reward you with some Forged Iron. There is also a Kvasir Poem you need to grab.

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Pulling on the chain will complete this puzzle, so you can leave the Wetlands.

Find out more about God of War Ragnarök in our review.

Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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