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God of War Ragnarök: how to get the Hilt of Gram in the Temple of Light

GOD of War Ragnarök has numerous upgrades hidden throughout its vast world.

One of the more powerful ones is a relic called the Hilt of Gram.


Here’s everything the Hilt can do.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

This grants you a burst of rage and applies stun to nearby enemies.

Despite its long 113-second cool-down, the effect is so powerful that it is a must-have when getting into battle.

If you want to find this relic in God of War, then check out our guide below:

How to find the Hilt of Gram in the Temple of Light

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The Hilt of Gram relic — also known as The Dragon’s Bane — can be found in God of War Ragnarök in the Temple of Light.

Once you find one of Odin’s Ravens, you’ll see a chain pulley.

This will raise and lower a twilight stone, and also a lift.

In order to find the Hilt of Gram, you will need to break the connector that’s holding up the lift, so it crashes to the floor.

This will allow you to reach the chest that contains the Hilt.

However, it is a little tricky to do, and a number of steps are required in order to complete this task.

Firstly, pull the chain so that the twilight stone is raised. Then throw your axe at the wall you can see ahead.

If you did this correctly, the axe will now be embedded in the wall.

When you let go of the chain, the connector holding the lift will be between you and your axe.

Then recall your axe, and the connector will break, dropping the lift to the floor.

Use this to then access the chest that contains the Hilt of Gram.

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Before you are able to use this powerful relic, you will need to equip it in the menu.

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Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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