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God of War Ragnarök: The Applecore water puzzle guide

GOD of War Ragnarök has a huge world to explore, and many of the areas have puzzles you need to solve

The Applecore water puzzle is one of the harder ones, and can take a while to figure out.


Troughs and water wheels have to be frozen to solve this one.Credit: Sony Santa Monica
Some careful aiming of the axe is required.


Some careful aiming of the axe is required.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

You have to complete the puzzle twice, and the second time it is slightly different.

Here’s how to freeze your way through God of War’s Applecore, to reunite with your boy.

How to solve the water wheel puzzle on the Search for Tyr

Once you are far into the mines looking for Tyr, you’ll find a large gap and a claw under the water.

There are also a number of troughs and water wheels above you. 

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Look for a wheel on your left and throw your axe at the trough directly above it.

This will raise the claw up so that you can make your way across the cap.

Standing in this area with you back to the lift, you need to throw your axe again to freeze a trough up and to the left.

This will make the lift go down so you can enter. When you recall your axe, it will then go back up.

A little further into the Applecore there is a similar puzzle, but Atreus will be on a switch and has to help you across.

You still need to freeze a series of troughs in order to help him across.

Freeze the trough to your left, just in front of the waterwheel you’re next to.

Atreus will then pull a lever which will send some ore deposits towards the ice.

This ore will stay there even after you recall your axe, so you are free to recall it and aim it somewhere else.

Freeze the trough on the right that is level with the water wheel on the right.

This will cause the claw in front of you to rise up, so that you can grapple across.

Tell Atreus to fire sonic arrows at the ore that is blocking the first trough you froze in this area.

This will allow the platform to move so you can meet up with your boy.

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Once this is done, the pair of you can continue on in your search for Tyr.

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Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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