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God of War Ragnarök: The Weight of Chains guide

GOD of War Ragnarök is deep with exploration, and with that, there are some tricky parts to the game

If you’re struggling with The Weight of Chains side mission in God of War, look no further because we’ve got it down.


This is the floor Kratos must slam through.Credit: Sony Santa Monica
Help to free the beast.


Help to free the beast.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

How to find the Watchtower Key for The Weight of Chains side quest

Once you arrive on the island and your boat is docked, you can set off to find the Watchtower key.

There is some gilded metal to your right and an explosive pot next to it.

Throw your axe at the pot to break down the surrounding rubble, and prepare yourself to fight some wretches.

Don’t stop, but keep pushing forward, as you will need to destroy the nest at the top of the slope to stop them from spawning.

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There’s a platform behind it to climb onto, and go to the far left corner for another exploding pot.

Once it goes boom, climb the path and up the other side, where you will find another wretch nest.

There’s a gate here that you can open; it will give you a shortcut back later.

Turn the wheel to lower the lift, and once it’s all the way back, use your axe to freeze the gear and leave it there.

Head back down the path, but go right rather than down the path you came from.

This will take you to the lift, where you can recall your axe to take the lift up. Smash through the ground when you see the prompt.

Once you’ve killed the enemy down here, you can open the chest to find the Watchtower Key.

Grab this, and then head back to the tower above Sindri’s shop to unlock the door.

If you interact with the drum here, you will find a hidden location, Lyngbakr Island. 

How to free the beast for The Weight of Chains side quest

A creature will rise from the bay, and you’ll have to use your boat to sail over to it.

Once you dock onto it, climb up to take out some enemies.

On the south side, you will find another explosive jar, and once it pops you can break through the first chain.

Once this is done, throw your axe at the connector on the fin as it rises out of the water to clear another path.

Follow this and take a right to find more enemies that you’ll have to deal with.

After this, climb the chain to our right, and you will find a lore marker at the top.

Looking at it, turn left and grapple over the gap. The chest here contains some Hacksilver.

Head left to find another group of enemies. Deal with them, and kick the chain down to climb down the north side.

You can cut through the other chains from here, and once the fin is raised, you can throw your axe at the connector again to free it.

This will reveal a wretch nest that you have to clear out. Once done, you will find a Fire Bomb dispenser, some grab one to clear out the rubble.

There’s a chest here with Rawhide and Hacksilver, and at the dock below, there is more rubble that needs clearing out.

Do this, and then open a door near the dispenser to create a shortcut.

After this, grab a third bomb before you hop across the route to the west.

Clear the rubble here and grapple across to find a chest containing Slag Deposits and Hacksilver.

There’s also a small hole on the north side you can crawl through to find another Hacksilver chest and a raven.

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Head back to your boat to free the beast’s tail and complete this mission.

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Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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