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Google launches free iPhone and Android feature that could save your life one day – don’t miss it

GOOGLE is using the power of AI to alert even more people about life-threatening floods and wildfires.

The tech giant has announced it is expanding their current forecasting tech to even more locations.


New tool will tell you the dangerous heights water is expected to reachCredit: Google

It’s hoped the huge change will save lives by warning those in danger of immediate risks.

Last year the firm sent a staggering 115million flood alert notifications to 23million people via its Search and Maps apps.

The flood forecasts will now cover river basins in 18 more countries across Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, Google said.

Alerts go out to Android phones and any other device with the Google search app installed.

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But that’s not all, as the firm’s FloodHub is going global too.

The feature shows where floods are expected to happen and when.

Zooming in and clicking on a pin will show you more detailed information.

It even displays how deep the water is predicted to be.

Meanwhile, Google is also bolstering its tools to warn people about wildfires, which affect hundreds of thousand of people each year.

Geeks have come up with new AI that looks at satellite imagery, allowing them to show real-time locations in danger.

They too will appear in the Search and Maps apps.

The service is available in the US, Canada, Mexico and parts of Australia.

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“Internally for us, it’s a very big change … it’s really a very meaningfully different system,” Sella Nevo, senior staff engineering manager at Google told The Verge.

“From a user’s perspective, they [can] just expect that they have more coverage and it’s more accurate.”

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