Google IO 2022: 24 new languages ​​added to Google Translate … now. You can also translate into Bhojpuri and Sanskrit Google IO 2022 Google Translate Mid Jodlya New 24 language Now you will do Bhojpuri and Sanskrit language translation


Google IO 2022: Google has updated its language tool, Google Translate, with 24 new languages. In total, the translation now supports a total of 133 languages ​​in use worldwide. Now you can translate into Bhojpuri and Sanskrit too.

Google has updated your Google Translate with 24 new languages. As a result, a total of 133 languages, now in use worldwide, can be translated on Google Translate. The unique thing is that one third of the Indians in the new languages ​​(one third Indian) Are languages. Google’s newly added languages ​​include – Assamese, Bhojpuri, Sanskrit and more. Cupertino-based tech giant (tech giant) Highlights that the newly added languages ​​are used by over 300 million people worldwide. For example, the company states that Mizo is spoken by about 800,000 people in the far northeast of India, and that Lingala is spoken by more than 4.5 million people throughout Central Africa. Google added a new set of languages ​​using Zero-Shot Machine Translation (new group added), Where the machine learning model learns to translate into another language without ever seeing an example.

List of new languages ​​available in Google Translate

सा Used by Assamese, about 2.5 million people in Northeast India
सुमारे Used by about two million people in Aymara, Bolivia, Chile and Peru
14 Used by about 1.4 million people in Bambra, Malik
सुमारे Used by about 5 million people in Bhojpuri, North India, Nepal and Fiji
300 About 300,000 people in Maldives use Dhivehi language
• Dogri, about 3 lakh people in North India speak.
सात Approximately seven million people use it in Iwe, Ghana and Togo
सात Used by about seven million people in Guarani, Paraguay and Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil
लो Ilokano, used by about 1 million people in the northern Philippines
• Konkani is used by about 2 million people in Central India
चार Used by about four million people in Creo, Sierra Leone
• Kurdish (Sorani), used by about eight million people, mostly in Iraq
• Lingala is used by approximately 4.5 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, Angola, and the Republic of South Sudan.
भाषा Sanskrit language is used by about 20,000 lakhs in India
In addition, Google has made available features for local languages ​​in the United States: Quechua, Guarani, and Aymara.

Use of zero-shot machine translation technology

Google claims that these are the first languages ​​to be added using zero-shot machine translation, where the machine learning model sees only monolingual text – that is, learns to translate into another language without looking at examples. Google worked with local speakers, professors and linguists on this new update. Those who want to help Google support more languages ​​can evaluate or contribute to translation through translation contributions.

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