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Google Photos’ new Locked Folder Feature is Out for non-Pixel phones.


Many Android photo management apps include the ability to lock certain photographs with a PIN or fingerprint, but Google has been sluggish to add this functionality to its products. Google Photos eventually implemented a Locked Folder function earlier this year, but it was only available on Pixel phones at first, and it’s now available to everyone.

The Lock Folder feature in the Google Photos app is starting to emerge on more Android devices, according to Android Police (via 9to5Google). My Galaxy S21 doesn’t appear to have the Lock Folder option, but Android Police has seen it on a Galaxy A52, and 9to5Google has seen it on numerous Oppo, OnePlus, and Samsung phones. You can see if you have it by going to the Photos Library tab and then to the Utility page.

Photos and videos that have been put to the Locked Folder can only be viewed with a fingerprint (or your device’s PIN), and they are not visible to other apps on your phone. The photographs and/or videos are not saved up to the cloud, so if you lose your phone or neglect to back up the Locked Folder before a wipe, you will lose access to them.

The Google Camera was modified to save photographs and movies in the Locked Folder by hitting the folder button, and the Locked Folder was handed out to Pixel phones in June of this year. It’s unclear whether other device manufacturers will implement comparable functionality with Google Photos’ Locked Folder (or if Google will even allow that to happen).

Google has rolled out many other features for Photos in recent months, including automatic event memories, new widgets on Android, a new shortcut to quickly open the Screenshots folder, and new frame styles for the Memories widget.


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