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Last-minute warning for millions as Google plans to shut down popular app forever TOMORROW

Last-minute warning for millions as Google plans to shut down popular app forever TOMORROW

A GOOGLE app used by millions is to disappear from devices forever tomorrow, despite calls to halt the shut-down.

Users were warned of the closure months in advance, with the US version of the app vanishing at the beginning of April.


Google Podcasts is merging with YouTube MusicCredit: Alamy

The final death knell for the Google Podcasts app, which launched in 2018, is due to ring tomorrow, 24 June.

In September last year, the tech giant announced it would be retiring Google Podcasts in favour of YouTube Music sometime in 2024.

It forms part of efforts to turn YouTube into an all-in-one destination for podcasts, music and videos.

Google is still offering users a hand in moving their podcasts over to Google-owned YouTube Music.

Using the Google Podcasts Manager, fans can transfer all their podcasts over to the YouTube Music app.

This service will be available until July 29.

But many aren’t keen on the decision, and would rather keep their music and podcast apps separate.

‘I’m still fuming’

Shortly after the September announcement, a user wrote on X: “I don’t care if I sound like a grandpa. Why does every music service so desperately want me to listen to podcasts in their app?

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“I don’t want to use my music app for podcasts. I want them separate. It’s better when they are separate.”

While others actively trying to switch to YouTube Music have called the app “frustrating”.

“I’m still fuming about Google Podcasts,” another user said.

“Trying to listen to podcasts in the Youtube Music app is frustrating at best.

“I love it for music but it needs to stay in its lane. Podcasts need their own environment.”

YouTube Music, as with the standalone YouTube app, doesn’t allow playback when the screen is off.

And podcasts fans say this is what makes it a weaker alternative, as it means they can’t listen while they fall asleep.

“So Google Podcasts is at an end,” a third person said, adding: “Their solution: YouTube Music.

“Why… would I use an app I can’t even use with my screen off? I’m not watching video, it’s my overnight fix.

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“Found a decent replacement anyway.”

Google Podcasts – a brief timeline

Here’s what you need to know…

June 18, 2018 – Google Podcasts released on Android

May 7, 2019 – Web version of Google Podcasts announced at Google I/O developer conference

March 25, 2020 – iOS version of Google Podcasts launches, allowing users to use app on iPhone instead of web version

May 12, 2020 – Option added to transfer podcast subscriptions and history from Google Play Music to Google Podcasts

February 23, 2023 – Google announces the podcasts would be added to rival app YouTube Music

September 26, 2023 – Google announces that Google Podcasts would be discontinued in 2024, with YouTube Music prioritized instead

April 2, 2024 – Google Podcasts officially shuts down on all platforms

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