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Millions of Google users warned over extremely dangerous ‘click’ that could cost you

GOOGLE fans have been warned to watch what they click after scammers managed to sneak another series of fake ads on the search engine.

Ads get prominent space along the top of Google Search if it’s related to what you’re looking for.


Neither of these links go to the real 1Password websiteCredit: @malwrhunterteam

A user noticed that the popular password manager app 1Password had been mimicked – and it’s awfully convincing too.

The web addresses don’t sound too dissimilar to the official thing.

And the layout of each site looks pretty much the same as well.

Twitter user MalwareHunterTeam exposed the issue, which is known as phishing in the tech world.

Phishing attacks trick people into sharing their sensitive information.

You might think this particular case is extremely risky given that all users’ passwords are stored on the service.

Thankfully, 1Password requires a special “Secret Key” as well for added protection.

But they still could have tricked people into downloading and installing malware, which could be even more damaging.

One of the fake sites appears to have been taken down now.

Meanwhile, the other triggers a red danger screen on Google Chrome which should make most people leave immediately.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about these sorts of scams appearing in Google Search.

An influencer recently revealed that he lost a “life changing amount” after clicking on a fake ad.

NFT God said his “entire digital livelihood was violated”.

The crypto investor was looking for OBS, a piece of video streaming software.

He claims to have clicked on the sponsored link shown on Google and downloaded what he thought was the app.

When trying to install it, nothing happened, so he gave up.

Then a few hours later he started receiving concerned messages on Twitter as his account had been hacked.

It turns out the app was malware.

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Shortly after he found out his valuable crypto and NFTs had been transferred to another wallet.

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