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Google Street View Lunch: Google Maps has launched the Google Street View feature. Earlier Google had launched it in America. Now launched in India. Learn more…

Google Street View Lunch

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Mumbai : Google Maps (Google Maps) has launched its much awaited Google Street View feature. It was expected for a long time that Google is going to launch it in India as well. Earlier, Google launched this feature in America (Lunch) was done. But the question arises, what will change in Google map after this, which was not there before, today we are going to know the information here. Google Street View (Google Street View) has provided such technology in its Maps application. Which will provide a 360 degree interactive panorama view. Currently this service will be available in only 10 cities in India. Google has partnered with Tech Mahindra and Mumbai-based Genesis International to implement this technology. This feature has been implemented due to the new National Geospatial Policy 2021. This leads to local companies buying such data and licenses from others. India will be the first country where Google will get Street View through a partner.


  1. A total of 50 thousand km will be mapped in the next two years
  2. Initially this project has been implemented in 10 Indian cities
  3. Government, Defense and Military sectors will not be mapped

Named the project Gullify

Google has named this project Gulify. Initially this project has been implemented in 10 Indian cities. The services are expected to be rolled out in 50 cities by the end of the year. A total of 50 thousand km will be mapped in the next two years. On this, Miriam Kartika Daniel, vice president of Google Maps, told Indian Express, ‘Our partners have experience in geospatial technology and logistics. Additionally, the partners have the ability to scale across multiple sectors together.’

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No Mapping of Government, Defense and Defense Sector

The vice president of Google also explained about this policy that government, defense and military sectors will not be mapped under this project. He says that our partners know best what data to collect and what data to collect. This policy of Google was discontinued in 2011. Earlier, Google was going to implement Street View policy but Bangalore Police objected to it. Google was then working on interactive panorama maps in collaboration with Wonobo and later MapMyIndia.

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