Watch Google’s IO 2022 program. Launch of Google Pixel 6A smartphone and Pixel Watch 2 with Android software update! | Google’s Pixel 6A smartphone and Pixel Watch 2 launch with Android software update


Watch Google’s IO 2022 program

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Google is hosting an event next week. The event is called Google Pixel io 2022 (Google io 2022) and will take place on May 11th. This is Google’s first major event of the year, and at the event the company may introduce new product and Android software updates.

Google is hosting a big event next week for the first time. The event, which will take place on May 11, has been named Google io 2022. Along with some new products from the company at the event (With new products) New updates of Android software will be introduced. However, the company has not yet shared any official information about which products will be covered in the program, but this time the company is said to be in great readiness. According to reports, this time the company will release information about Google Pixel 6A, Google Pixel Watch and Android 13. Some newer versions of Android may come out. It has many of the latest icons (Latest Icons) May appear. This time you will see the newly created media playback. It shows floating switches of play / pause. Display size in settings (Display size in settings) And will have the option to increase the text.

Specifications of Pixel 6A

Pixel 6A The potential features of Google Pixel 6A may also be launched during this big event of Google. This smartphone can use Tensor chipset, which will be similar to Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The smartphone will hit the market on May 12. It will have a 6.2 inch Full HD Plus resolution. This phone has a 12.2 megapixel camera on the back panel. Overall, the rear panel will have a dual camera and a single camera for selfies.

Possible features of Pixel Watch 2

Google Pixel Watch will also launch during next week’s event. In fact, a smartwatch has recently been dubbed the Google Pixel Watch. Many reports claim that this upcoming watch will have the option of heart rate monitoring and calorie counting. Also, a silicone belt will be introduced for this watch. However, no price has been announced yet.

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