Cyber ​​crime: Over 55 years old cheated for 2 million dollars, know what is the ‘Hi Mum’ code? | Hi Mum phone messaging scam costs parents 2 million dollars in Australia


Cybercrime fraudsters have come up with a new disguise. In Australia this scam is called ‘Hi Mum’. So far, many people have been defrauded of a total of 2 million dollars through this scam. These fraudsters are targeting senior citizens and duping them.

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Mumbai : Cybercrime by online fraudsters (Cyber ​​Scam) A new disguise has been invented to deceive people. Scam ‘Hi Mom’ Abroad (Hi Mom) This name has become infamous. In this background, citizens using mobile phones, especially senior citizens, should be alert (parents above 55 years age)Stay alerted. As many as 20 lakh dollars to many people so far through this scam (2 million dollars) Has been tampered with. In this, scammers send a message from an unknown mobile number to a person’s messaging app claiming to be that person’s son or daughter. Then they chat with the respective person by pretending to be their son or daughter. Pretending to lose your phone, they ask you to delete the old number and save this specific (from which the message was sent) new number. After talking to the victim, Bhamte asks him to borrow some money or ask him to make some payment. For this, they demand money from the victim, pretending that online banking has not yet started on the new mobile number.

Australia’s Cyber ​​Crime Squad Commander, Detective Superintendent Matthew Craft, informed about this. Parents (especially those over 55) all over the world have fallen victim to this scam. In the past, overseas nationals were the victims of the ‘Hi Mum’ scam, but since May, there has been an increase in the number of people being scammed across Australia, said Craft.

These scammers use text messages to ask for money, not actual conversations on the phone, Kraft said. If you receive a suspicious message, especially from a social media messaging app, the first thing you should do is talk to your relatives. And ask them to call you to make sure the person messaging is real.

In the last few months, about 2 million dollars have been stolen in Australia using this method. According to Australian authorities, the most common victims of these scams are people over the age of 55. Many of them are mothers or fathers, who send money immediately to solve their children’s problems.

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New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria have the highest number of cases of fraud in this scam, followed by Western Australia and Queensland. Fraudsters through the ‘Hi Mum’ scam convert money into cryptocurrency from bank accounts after receiving it. Therefore, the victims have no chance to get their money back. Citizens who have been duped by this scam and have lost money are urged to contact their bank immediately and also report the matter to the police.

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