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How many chapters are there in God of War Ragnarök?

MANY fans have already started their journey into God of War Ragnarök following today’s release.

However, it might be imposing to start your adventure knowing that it’s the biggest God of War game to date.


God of War Ragnarök offers plenty to sink your teeth into.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

If you’re wondering how much time you will spend in the land of Norse mythology, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how long it took us, a full chapter list, and post-game guide for God of War Ragnarök to help you out.

How long to beat God of War Ragnarök

Time to beat obviously varies, but we took around 32 hours to complete the main story for our God of War Ragnarök review.

This included all the main story chapters, as well as a number of side quests, and of course scooping up a large number of collectibles.

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However, God of War Ragnarök also features a beefy post-game, with lots more to discover after you finish the main plot.

We spent a further 45 hours on the post-game alone, and we still have a number of side quests left to complete.

List of chapters in God of War Ragnarök

The main story of God of War Ragnarök is called The Path, and it features a number of goals you have to accomplish.

There are 11 of these goals in total that you need to complete in order to finish the main story.

Here they are in order:

  1. Surviving Fimbulwinter
  2. The Quest for Tyr
  3. Groa’s Secret
  4. The Reckoning
  5. The Word of Fate
  6. Forging Destiny
  7. Reunion
  8. Creatures of Prophecy
  9. Hunting for Solace
  10. The Summoning
  11. The Realms at War

Does God of War Ragnarök have a New Game+?

God of War Ragnarök does not have New Game+, at least for now; instead you are encouraged to keep playing your existing save to clean up any remaining collectibles and side quests.

After you roll the credits, your new goal is Beyond Ragnarök, which asks you to finish up all your uncompleted tasks.

You can explore the last remnants of Asgard, face a number of high level encounters, and travel to the Muspelheim Crucible for optional combat challenges.

Berserkers’ souls will still be available to find and conquer, as well as any Favours you missed out on.

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The side quests offer more background on characters and locations and are well worth checking out to discover a number of shocking revelations.

Ratatoskr will also give you as many Yggdrasill seeds as you want after the main game, making exploration a lot easier.

Written by Paolo Sirio and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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