How to cancel Spotify Premium


SPOTIFY is the world’s most popular music streaming service, boasting more than 430million users.

A staggering 182million people pay for the Swedish platform’s premium service, which offers ad-free listening.


Spotify has 271million users, with 124million of those paying for Spotify PremiumCredit: Getty

Paying the £10/$10 fee also nets you the ability to download music and podcasts and unlimited skips.

But what if you want to cancel your subscription? Here’s a guide for anyone who needs to cut down on their monthly spending.

1. How to cancel Spotify Premium

To cancel Spotify Premium, you need to follow a few simple steps via the Spotify website or its Android or iOS apps.

Remember that cancelling your subscription will mean you lose access to Premium features.

  1. First, log in to your account page on the app or online. You’ll need your password and username for this.
  2. Under Your Plan, search for and click on the Change Plan option.
  3. Scroll to Spotify Free and click Cancel Premium. This will cancel your paid, Premium subscription and change it to a Spotify Free account. This features adverts, which will play after a certain number of songs.
  4. Continue through the confirmation message, which will confirm you have completed the cancellation and are no longer paying for Spotify Premium.

2. Will I lose my downloaded songs if I cancel Spotify Premium?

Your account page will show you the date when your plan will change to Spotify Free.

Up until that point, you can still enjoy the benefits of Spotify Premium.

That includes the ability to download songs and store them on your iPhone, Android smartphone or PC.

Once you switch to Spotify Free, you will therefore lose all of your downloads.

Your saved content (playlists, Liked Songs, followed artists, followers, etc.) will not be lost.

3. Will cancelling Spotify Premium delete my account?

Cancelling your Spotify Premium switches your account to the Spotify Free tier.

That means all of your saved playlists, Liked Songs, followers and more are kept even after the switch.

In order to delete your account, you will have to contact Spotify once you have cancelled your paid subscription.

There is no way to recover your account once it is closed, so you should be sure.

The same username cannot be used more than once so you will need a new one if you want to rejoin – and all your playlists will be gone.

To delete, click Account, then click I want to close my account.

This should prompt a button titled Contact to close. Click that.

You should then fill out the information form and click Start chat.

A worker from Spotify should then begin typing.

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You should explain that you would like to close your account permanently.

The worker should then confirm this, carry out the task and send you an email confirmation once done.

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