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How to find Tyr in God of War Ragnarök

AS the Norse God of War, Tyr plays a pivotal role in God of War Ragnarök, as Kratos’ Norse partner.

He lies at the centre of a number of plot points; however, the exact role he plays is shrouded in mystery.


God of War is full of secrets.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

You will need to finish the main story in order to discover what has happened to Tyr and where he is now.

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t finished the main story, we recommend you stop reading here, as the rest of the article contains spoilers.

Once you’ve taken a break to do all that, read on to find out Tyr’s fate.

Is Tyr alive in God of War Ragnarök?

Throughout the story of God of War Ragnarök we discover that Tyr has been imprisoned by Odin in order to stop him from triggering Ragnarök.

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However, later it is revealed that the man you set free in Svartalfheim was in fact Odin himself, and not Tyr.

Odin has the power to impersonate any living person, which suggests that Tyr is in fact alive at this point.

One of the end-game quests allows you to find the real Tyr; it unlocks once you complete the main story.

How to find Tyr in God of War Ragnarök

In order to find Tyr, you need to access a fast travel gate — like the one at Sindri’s House — in order to get to Niflheim.

This opens up the Eyes of Odin favour. Once you have this, travel to The Raven Tree.

Take the second left once you arrive and you will find yourself in a completely new location. 

This will trigger The Broken Prison favour, which allows you to access the prison where Odin has been keeping Tyr throughout the story.

Tyr is waiting for you here, and Kratos will meet the real Tyr for the first time during this quest.

He will tell you that he wants to travel across the realms and enjoy his newly found freedom.

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If you continue exploring the world, you will be able to meet him again at Freyr’s Outpost in Vanaheim and in Alfheim.

God of War Ragnarök also has a true ending, which you can find out how to unlock in our guide.

Written by Paolo Sirio and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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