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Does hair straightener damage hair? How to protect hair from heat damage when using a hair straightener

Frequent use of pressing machines weakens the outer layer of the hair. In such situations it is important to use proper technique and correct use of the machine while using the pressing machine.

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New Delhi : A hot comb or straightener (hair straightener) is also called It straightens the hair using heat. This is especially true for curly hair (curly hair) is used to make straight and smooth. In this, both sides are provided with smooth plates, which straighten the hair with heat. However, straighteners can cause a lot of hair damage if not used properly (hair damage) can happen. The heat from the pressing machine can damage the outer layer of the hair.

Frequent use of hair straighteners can weaken the outer layer of hair, leading to hair breakage, split ends and hair loss. Therefore, it is important to follow proper technique and use the device correctly to reduce the risk of hair damage while using hair straighteners. Let’s know some important tips for this.

Choose the right temperature

Most hair straightening machines have adjustable temperature settings. Hence, set the right temperature according to your hair type to avoid damage. For thin hair, generally use a lower temperature.

Heat protectant should be used

Apply heat protectant to hair before using hair straightening machines. This can help reduce the damage. Do not press too hard. Pressing too hard or holding the hair straightener in one place for too long can damage the hair. Thus, try to move the tool evenly through the hair with light pressure.

Conditioning treatment

Conditioning treatments can help strengthen hair and protect it from heat damage. Use products with ingredients like keratin or argan oil.

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