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I’m a tech writer and this iD Mobile iPhone 14 offer is my favourite launch deal

Apple’s brand-new iPhone 14 is available to buy now.

And I’ve just found a very nice plan from iD Mobile that offers you the new phone at less than £40: that’s pretty impressive for a brand-new Apple phone.


Apple’s brand-new iPhone 14 was unveiled early in September and is now available to buy

Make no mistake, the iPhone 14 range is a pricy line of smartphones, but what else would you expect for tech that’s fresh off Apple’s conveyor belt?

You can expect to pay £849 for the iPhone 14 and £1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro, which comes with a larger display and a more powerful processor.

Pay-monthly prices vary greatly, of course, since you’ll be off-setting that figure against whatever you pay upfront.

But I’ve been scouring the internet for options that, well, find a balance between the two, and that’s why I like this contract from iD Mobile.

The £99 upfront cost isn’t too ghastly a sum to be parting with, while a monthly bill of less than £40 for shiny new iPhone is pretty remarkable.

The drawback? The data allowance of 25GB is pretty moderate, with most plans listed at the top of network pages these days generally coming in at 100GB, 250GB or unlimited.

But hey, there’s always a trade-off somewhere when shopping for a new phone – and if you’re on the fence, it’s worth comparing this to a Vodafone iPhone 14 cashback deal our tech deals reporter Tom Tyers covered earlier this week.

That comes with unlimited data, but even after cashback still clocks in at a hefty £53.54 (though admittedly you’ll pay nothing upfront).

It’s also worth comparing these two choices with others listed on our best iPhone 14 deals page, where we’ve picked out the best tariffs from all the major networks and providers.

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If you’re not the type person who demands top-of-the-line tech, I might suggest that you go hunting for an older iPhone instead – the iPhone 13 is now going to drop in price.

And buy the time Black Friday comes around, the iPhone 12 and 11 should become way more of a budget option.

Don’t forget the iPhone SE 3 that was released earlier this year, too – in terms of design and specs, it’s on a par with the iPhone 8 and currently costs £419 on Amazon.

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