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Na bole tum na maine kuch kahan…. No sound is coming from the phone? Fix this problem in a few moments – If you have problem while making or receiving call from mobile, try these tips to fix the issue

Mobile has become an important part or even an integral part of everyone’s life today. It is mainly used to talk to others, but when due to some error in the same mobile phone, the other person does not hear your voice or you cannot hear what the other person is saying, the problem arises.

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New Delhi : Nowadays mobile phones (mobile) has become an important part of everyone’s life. People are attached to their mobiles in such a way that it should be an integral part of the body. More than half of our work relies on the phone. Be it calling someone or chatting, these days everything from grocery to clothes is bought online (online) can be done, many people are also ordering it from mobile. of the bank (bank) transactions can also be done, in short for everything people depend on mobiles these days.

But after all, it is a machine, it can malfunction at some point. In that case, we who are dependent on mobile phones become helpless. Sometimes there are problems in the mobile phone, due to which we cannot receive a call on the phone nor can we call anyone. Sometimes the other person hears us and sometimes we don’t even hear the other person’s voice. Then in that case we panic, immediately run to the mobile shop. But what to do if such a problem arises overnight. In such cases, we can try to solve this problem by following some simple tips. Let’s find out what those tips are.

Reboot the mobile phone

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If you are not able to receive calls on your mobile, then there is a possibility of some minor problem with your phone. In such a case, to avoid this problem, first you should reboot or restart your phone. Rebooting turns off all phone services. By doing this, your phone helps to reload all services and refresh all apps.

Turn flight mode on/off

If rebooting or restarting doesn’t fix your mobile phone problem, turn on flight mode in your phone, then turn off flight mode. Turning Flight Mode on-off disconnects your phone from the cellular network. At that time this problem of the phone is solved and you can receive all the calls from the phone.

Network problem

Before getting worried about the mobile problem, check once if you are in the network coverage area or not. To receive incoming calls and call someone, your phone must be in the coverage area. In such a case, if you are not in the network coverage area, you will not be able to call or receive anyone’s call.

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