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If this kind of icon appears in the phone, then understand that your mobile has been hacked

It is possible to check if your mobile is hacked or not. Some symptoms appear after mobi is hacked. Find out what they are.

Mumbai, You have often heard that someone’s phone or computer has been hacked. We always read news related to hacking, but hackers (Mobile Hack) How they do this is a question of curiosity for all. In fact, your smartphone is no less than a treasure in the digital world. Hackers use many ways to steal. But you can save yourself from this robbery by taking care of some things. Let’s learn how hackers lure people into their web.

Hacking software

Hacking your phone with the help of software is the most used method. For this, hackers either install such software in your phone or use a phishing email. Hackers use two types of software for this. A very popular name is Trojan. And another way is key-logging.

When it comes to key logging, it works like a stalker. With the help of this type of software in your phone, hackers know what you are typing, where you are tapping on the phone screen and who you are talking to on the phone.

Such software is called Trojan, whose job is to steal essential data from the phone. With the help of this type of malware, hackers can steal credit card details, personal information and more from your phone.

These are some of the signs that the phone has been hacked

If you think someone has hacked your phone, you can easily check it. Actually, some of its signals will appear in your phone.

  • Once hacked, your phone’s battery drains faster.
  • Your smartphone will run slow and heat up soon.
  • Many apps in the handset will suddenly close. Or the phone will turn off and on automatically.
  • Internet data in mobile will decrease rapidly. In this you will also see additional SMS and other charges.

How do people cheat?

The easiest and most popular way to do this is a phishing attack. This type of attack can be guessed from its name itself. Just like fish get hooked by bait, hackers hook people through phishing mails, offers or SMS. Hackers send unknown links in mails or messages and as soon as you click on them, malware gets installed in your phone.

Another way is bluetooth hacking. Professional hackers use such tools to search for vulnerable devices. Hackers can hack your phone from 30 feet away if your phone’s Bluetooth is always on.

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SIM card swapping is also a popular hacking method. In 2019, even the CEO of Twitter was hacked by SIM card swapping. For this type of swapping, hackers call your SIM operator at your base and demand a SIM change. As soon as a hacker gets a new SIM card, your original SIM card stops working.

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