You’re a genius if you can solve ‘impossible £1 puzzle’ in 20 seconds – almost no one gets it


THINK you can solve this “impossible” £1 puzzle?

The guy chosen by TikToker Ryan Tricks certainly couldn’t…


Ryan shows how easy it really is to solveCredit: @ryantricksmagic

Magic lover Ryan showed his 655,000 fans a cool gadget that will leave most scratching their heads.

A pound coin is trapped in a circular plastic ball shape.

It’s only made up of two plastic sheets.

What you need to do is slide and move the two in a way that will release the £1.

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But you’re not allowed to break the plastic bits.

“No one has ever solved it,” Ryan says.

His participant gives up after almost a minute of fiddling with the object.

Pulling and sliding the plastic pieces won’t get you anywhere.

All you have to do is bend it in a certain way and it will simply fold.

“How easy is that?” Ryan says after revealing how it works.

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“But no one gets it.”

People in the comments want to know where he bought the gadget so they can try it on others.

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