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Instagram has a VERY embarrassing bug you’ll want to fix right now – before it’s too late

IF you’ve noticed something wrong with the sound on your Instagram you’re not alone.

Users of the Facebook-owned app have been reporting an annoying issue causing Stories to mysteriously unmute.


There isn’t a proper fix for the problem available yetCredit: Getty

You may have mute switched on but as soon as you slide to the next Story noise starts blaring out, reports Digital Trends.

This is particularly frustrating and embarrassing if you’re in a quiet environment like the work office and noise suddenly blasts from your iPhone.

“Please tell me it‘s a glitch that instagram stories are automatically with sound and there’s no way to mute them cuz that sucks,” one user said on Twitter.

“Please let me mute audio on stories again,” another pleaded.

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“It’s really disruptive and overstimulating.”

A third vented: “My Instagram stories can’t mute and it makes me angry.

“I almost never watch stories with sound on, so every time I try to watch stories it’s a shock and INSANITY.”

And even more annoying is there doesn’t appear to be a proper fix for it at the moment.

The only workaround is to manually lower your phone’s volume.

You can do that by holding down on the lower volume button until it’s gone completely down.

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Or, by sliding down from the top right of your screen and reducing the volume that way.

This appears to be the only solution until Instagram roll out an app update.

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