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iPhone 14 launch LIVE: New phone boasts ‘best battery life EVER’ and huge makeover

POD 2.0

Say hello to the new generation of Apple AirPods Pro.

It comes around three years after the first-gen version launched.

There’s a new H2 chip inside to deliver better sound quality.

And Apple says sound quality is ”transformed” with a low-distortion driver and amplifier.

The AirPods Pro support spatial audio (just like the old version) so you can hear full 360-degree sound.

And there’s a new iOS 16 iPhone feature that lets you use the camera to scan your ears to personalise your sound experience.

Unsurprisingly, the AirPods Pro also ship with active noise cancellation, shutting out ambient sound – great if you’re on a noisy train or busy street.

Apple says the new model doubles the amount of noise cancelled versus the original pair.

The AirPods stems are now touch-sensitive so you can lightly swipe them to control your audio.

And Apple says a single charge offer six hours of listening time per charge – that’s 33% up on the old model.

It means you get 30 hours of total listening time with the charging case.

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