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Millions of iPhone and Android owners warned of devastating mistake that could cost you dearly

A TRIO of new phishing scams are circulating smartphones, with the devious hope of obtaining financial details from victims.

Millions of iPhone and Android owners have been urged to watch out for fake texts and emails from scammers pretending to represent Apple, DHL and FedEx.


Scammers often make people feel lucky and special, but it’s a ployCredit: Getty

Experts at IT security company Trend Micro raised the alarm on the new trend.

Fake texts and emails from fraudsters impersonating FedEx claim you have won a prize, and coaxes users into clicking a link to schedule a delivery date and punch in their address.

Innocent tech users are then asked for their credit card number, security code and expiration to pay FedEx for the delivery.

This is how scam artists can rinse people’s bank accounts of hard earned cash.

The DHL scam is eerily similar. And it’s because scams of this nature tug at the heart strings of unaware tech users.

They make people feel lucky and special, but it’s a ploy.

Fraudsters pretending to represent DHL are contacting customers asking for their DHL account number via email, this is so they can hijack the account.

Then there’s the Apple scam, which tricks iPhone owners into believing their Apple Wallet has been hacked into.

iPhone owners have reported receiving a bogus text saying: “Apple pay was suspended on your device.”

The message then encourages people to “re-activate” their Wallet via the link provided – but it’s a trap.

They’re asking iPhone owners to fill out their address, mobile number, and credit card info.

Yet again, scammers have found a way to trick people into handing over their financial details.

Experts have advised iPhone and Android owners to never click on a link in an email or text from an unknown sender.

And most legitimate text and emails from big businesses will never ask for your personal data.

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