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People are just realising wrong iPhone setting instantly boosts battery life – millions can tap it today

A SIMPLE iPhone settings tweak could save you from a battery life nightmare.

If you’re constantly running out of charge, you should check your iPhone settings right now.


Make sure you’re not making a big battery life mistakeCredit: Apple / The Sun

There’s a clever iPhone feature that millions of users are eligible to try.

If you have an iPhone 12 or later, it means your Apple smartphone supports speedy 5G internet.

You won’t get 5G speeds unless you also have a supporting SIM contract – and 5G network coverage in your area.

But once you’re using 5G, it could be wiping out your iPhone battery life.

Using 5G internet is typically more battery-intensive than 4G, and this could cause you some trouble.

Thankfully Apple has several settings that can limit this.

First open the Settings app and then go into Mobile Data.

Now tap on your SIM card – you may have multiple if you’re also using an eSIM.

Next choose Voice & Data, which is where you can select 5G settings.

If you’re extremely nervous about battery life, selecting the 4G option may be best.

But the ideal solution is to use 5G Auto.

“5G Auto uses 5G only when it will not significantly reduce battery life,” Apple explains.

This means you’ll only be using 5G if it’s not going to wipe out your battery life.

The third option is 5G On, which will use 5G internet even if it’s going to reduce battery life.

You might want to use this if you’re on full charge, you don’t care about battery life, and you simply want the best speeds.

If you’re watching a hi-res video or downloading a large file and battery life isn’t a concern, this may be a great option.

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