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Millions urged to check their iPhone for huge danger that could empty your bank

SMARTPHONE viruses are rife these days with new threats emerging all the time.

iPhone is pretty secure because of Apple’s strict standards but some scams still manage to trick people.


Check for signs you haven’t been infected with malwareCredit: Alamy

It could come from a dodgy text message or email, for example.

It’s more likely to occur if you dabble with your iPhone too much – ie jailbreak it, which is a bit more technical than merely playing with the settings.

The least harmful can cause things like popup ads which are just a nuisance.

But the worst ones can take money from you.

So how do you tell if you’ve fallen victim?

Try looking out for some of these tell-tale signs.

Unfamiliar apps

Have a look around for any unfamiliar apps on your device.

Yes, it’s a chore.

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But if you spot one you don’t remember installing it might be the source of malware.


It’s normal for some apps to show popups.

But if they’re appearing too frequently – and in places you don’t expect to see them – something might be up.

Check your data usage

Unusually high data usage could indicate malware too.

Go to Settings, then Mobile Data.

Here you’ll see which apps are using the most and whether it adds up.

Check your battery usage

Malware can also be a drain on battery.

By going to Settings, then Battery, you can see which apps use it up most.

This should help expose any anomalies.

What to do if you find suspected malware

If possible, remove the app.

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You should also power off your phone and switch it on again, as this should flush anything bad out.

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