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iPhone fans have just noticed there’s a secret way to send ‘invisible’ messages

THERE’S a clever way you can keep your messages even more private on iPhone.

A TikToker has revealed the special trick, which could be useful when trying to avoid prying eyes.


Messages are hidden like magic

Maybe you’re sat next to someone nosey on the bus.

It’s all to do with an Apple feature in iMessage.

And it’s known as “invisible ink”.

You can send it to any other iPhone owner and they’ll have to tap the message to reveal what it says.

As TikTok star MILAD shows, it’s very simple to do.

Just open iMessage and start typing your desired text to the person you’re chatting with.

But don’t hit the send button.

Instead, hold it down.

A special menu should now appear, which says “send with effect”.

You’ll see a few choices available but the one you want is called “invisible ink”.

Tap it then hit the send button.

Now the recipient will receive the message with a hidden speckle effect on top of it.

As you may have noticed, there are other effects.

Slam makes the text stretch across the entire screen in the least discreet way.

Loud does a similar thing but not as big.

And Gentle makes the text appear smaller.

Along the top, there are some fun screen effects as well.

These are almost like old-school screensavers.

So you can cause the message to multiply and take up the entire display.

I’m a mum with 38GG boobs, people stare & talk about them, but I don't care
I'm a 64-year-old grandma with ripped muscles, now I'm revealing my body secrets

And you can even put the message under a spotlight.

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