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I’m an iPhone genius and I’m obsessed with hack that makes my life 10x easier

IPHONE fans are discovering all sorts of useful changes on iOS 16 and one makes photo editing so much quicker.

TikToker Katarina Mogus has revealed how you can easily apply the same filters and changes to a group of photos.


This hack will save so much time when photo editingCredit: @katamogz

As anyone who loves to get the best out of their pictures will know, the iPhone has some really neat editing tools.

You can change everything from contrast and brightness, through to shadows and highlights.

But if you have a specific look you really like, and want the same across all your photos, you have to go through and sort them out one by one.

Not only is it a bit of a pain, you need to remember how you set it all up.

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Well, no more thanks to this hack.

When you enter the editing area now, look for the three dotted button at the top right.

Tap it and you’ll see Copy Edits.

Then go back to your main Photo app view and select all the images you want to adopt the same style.

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Tap the three dotted menu again.

And this time choose Paste Edits.

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The editing changes will be magically adjusted to the same for age, saving you a heap of time.

So next time you have a big bulk of pictures to edit, give this iOS trick a go.

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