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How to avoid your iPhone location being tracked – Apple reveals genius tips

APPLE is telling iPhone owners how to boost their online privacy.

The tech giant has revealed a series of tips, as part of a brand new privacy push.


Upgrade your iPhone privacy todayCredit: Apple

Apple is hosting special Today at Apple sessions called Taking Charge Of Your Privacy On iPhone.

They kick off on January 28 (that’s Data Privacy Day) in Apple Stores, and last 30 minutes.

The free sessions are available to anyone, with Apple branding privacy a “fundamental human right”.

And the session includes several tips on how to prevent your location from being tracked, which we’ll outline below.

Location settings

You can very easily control when and how apps are accessing your location.

Sometimes it’s important that an app can access your location.

For instance, it’s essential for something like Uber or Google Maps to work properly.

But you might find that some apps are taking advantage of you with overzealous privacy requests.

You can easily check your iPhone to ensure that you’re not sharing your location data with anyone that shouldn’t have it.

Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services.

From there, it’s possible to limit location access for any app.

You’ll be able to choose from options including Never, Ask Next Time, and While Using the App.

Tracking settings

Your online “location” can also be tracked.

We don’t mean your physical location, but rather your movements around the web.

You can prevent apps from following your activity around the internet very easily.

Simply go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking, and take a look at the list.

It’s possible to turn tracking for specific apps on or off – and even switch tracking off altogether.

Safety Check

You should check Safety Check to see if you’re sharing any personal info with others.

It’s possible that you allowed someone to track your location – and then forgot all about it.

Or someone may have accessed your iPhone and set it up without your knowledge.

Whatever the case, Safety Check lets you quickly see who can see your info – and stop them in their tracks.

Just go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Safety Check.

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Even better, people or apps that you stop sharing with won’t be notified.

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