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You’ve been using iPhone notes all wrong – here’s seven hidden features that’ll blow your mind

IF you are an Apple user who relies on the notes app to keep yourself right – there are 7 incredible features you have been missing out on.

Norwegian financial tech consultant Marius Hauken shared a list of tips and tricks for getting the best use out of the organisational gadget.


There are 7 tips for using your notes app that will surprise iPhone usersCredit: Getty

Scan documents and add them as PDFs to your note

When you create a new note and click on the photo icon, there is an option that allows you to scan documents.

After pressing this, your phone camera will open, and instruct you to position the document within view.

Once you have scanned the document and clicked save, you then have a PDF in your phone notes which you can search for under the name of the scanned documents.

Copy and paste text from a physical document into your note

Another alternative allows you to take text from a physical document and paste it in your notes as if you had typed it out manually.

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To do this you also click on the photo icon, then select scan text.

Once you position your camera above the exact part of the document you would like to have written up and click insert, your phone will scan the words and they will appear in your notes app.

Enable the power of Quick Notes

If you enter your phone settings, you can use the search function to type in control centre.

There will be an option to enable Quick Note.

If you switch this on, you can save links to web pages you are viewing as a note.

You do this by swiping down in the right corner and tapping the Quick Note button.

This also saves the context, displaying the note if you visit a URL you have saved.

Collaborate on a to-do or shopping list with ease

Once you have created your list, select the sharing button to get started.

You must make sure the collaborate option is switched on, instead of the one called send a copy.

Once you send the link to another user, you can now sync lists across devices.

Create a password-protected note

Those who need to take down confidential information will be happy to know you can protect a note in the app with a password.

If you click the ellipsis on the right hand side of your note, one of the options that comes up is called lock.

It has a padlock symbol.

Once you press on this, you get to choose between the note being protected by your iPhone pass-code, or a manual password.

The only warning is that if you choose the second option but forget the password you have chosen, your note will not be recoverable.

Organise your notes with smart folders

When you go into your phone folders and tap new folder, you are given a smart option.

This allows you to organise your notes with ease as you can create different folders for unfinished to-do lists, pinned notes, or specific tags.

Alternatively, if you press share folder, once the invite is accepted the other person will receive a notification every time you tag them in a note.

Save a note as PDF

Open the note and select the share icon.

Below the note title, choose send a copy instead of collaborate.

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Then swipe down and tap Markup for a PDF preview of your note.

Choose done and save the file, and your note will now be available as a PDF.

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