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People are just realising iPhone has a secret keyboard you can unlock

YOUR iPhone has a secret keyboard that can make your life much easier.

It’s hidden away so well that you might never notice it.


Check out the one-handed keyboard – it’s a squashed version that’s often easier to useCredit: Apple

But it’s seriously handy, especially if you’ve got a bigger smartphone.

We’re talking about the one-handed keyboard – an essential iPhone hack.

It can be activated with just a few taps, and is so simple to switch on or off.

Apple’s iPhones have grown in size over the years, so using one with a single hand can be tricky sometimes.

Maybe you’re holding a strap on the bus, or wielding a coffee cup – it’s all the same frustration.

First, make sure you’re running iOS 11 or later – check in Settings > General > Software Update.

You almost certainly are, given that we’re currently up to iOS 16.2.

The Apple one-handed keyboard has been hiding in your phone for a while, and it’s very easy to access on any app that supports typing.

First you need to go on the app you want to type in and make sure the keyboard is open.

Then look in the bottom left hand corner and touch and hold the emoji face or world symbol – newer phones will have the emoji face symbol.

When you hold the emoji or world symbol down, a small “Keyboard Settings” box should appear and on the bottom row you will see three different keyboard symbols.

Tap the symbol on the left to get a keyboard that’s easier to type on with just your left hand.

Tap the symbol on the right to get a keyboard that’s easier to type on with just your right hand.

Once you’re finished using your one handed keyboard, you can return it to normal by holding down the bottom corner emoji or world symbol and selecting the middle keyboard option.

It’s a great trick that every iPhone owner should know.

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