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People are just realising what these very common iPhone symbols mean – The Scottish Sun

IPHONES have all sorts of symbols and you might be surprised to learn what many of them actually mean.

Some are more obvious than others.


There are loads of different symbols that appear along the top of your iPhone

Do you know the real meaning of these common symbols?

Location services

This one comes up a lot


This one comes up a lot

You’ve probably seen this arrow pointing up symbol quite a bit.

It’s to do with Apple’s Location Services.

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It appears whenever an app or website is accessing your location.

Apple’s tight rules require them to get your permission first – so if this is a surprise to you, you might want to go and adjust your settings.

You can do this by going to the Settings and opening each app along the bottom.

It will say Location at the top and the current permission it has, which varies from “Never”, “Ask next time or when I share” and “While using the app”.

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A blue arrow may appear when the app you’re using requests your location.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding


Call forwarding

People with call forwarding switched on will see this symbol.

It’s a feature that allows you to transfer your calls to another number.

You can switch it on or off by going to Settings, then Phone, followed by Call Forwarding.

Portrait orientation locked

Keeping its place


Keeping its place

Anyone who hates their screen flipping round whenever they rotate their iPhone will have orientation locked.

Whenever you do this, a padlock symbol as seen above will show up.

Bluetooth device battery

Not your usual battery


Not your usual battery

We all know what the normal battery looks like for your iPhone, so why is this one stood up?

Well, the standing battery symbol actually has nothing to do with your handset.

It’s for your Bluetooth devices instead.

So if you have a pair of headphones connected instead, this symbol will tell you whether it needs juice or not.


Staying connected


Staying connected

Hotspots are great whenever you’re low on data – or if a friend has a connection and you don’t.

Whenever you connect to their hotspot, this double paperclip-like icon will appear.

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Don’t forget there are loads of other symbols for your connection speed too.

Whether it’s E, LTE or GPRS, we reveal the true meaning behind these here.

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