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People are just realising why iPhone weather app gets it wrong – and it might be your fault

NO one likes being caught out in the rain after being ill-advised by a weather forecasting app.

But the weather app in Apple iPhones does require some information from its users to help it be more accurate.


iPhone users should also make sure their notifications for the Weather app are turned on – to avoid getting caught in the rainCredit: the sun

The weather app relies on simulation models which use historical data to predict temperature, humidity and wind and rain patterns.

But remember, no matter how much information weather forecasters have, the reality is that the weather can be highly unpredictable.

Still, Apple iPhone users are advised to gave their location services turned on.

This will help make sure the in-built app knows the precise area it is forecasting the weather for.

To give the app access to your location, open the Settings app on the iPhone.

Then tap Weather > Location > Allow Location Access > While Using the App > turn on the Precise Location option.

Selecting the ‘While Using the App’ option means the app will not be able to track your location when you’re not using it.

Next, open the weather app and make sure that it is giving you forecast results for ‘My Location’.

To do this, click the three horizontal lines in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Users should then see a list of locations they have previously looked up the weather for.

The ‘My Location’ weather forecast will be at the top of the list.

iPhone users should also make sure their notifications for the Weather app are turned on – to help stay warm and dry.

The app will remind users to “Get notifications when rain or snow is starting or stopping near you”.

To turn on notifications for the app, or to check if they are turned on, head into iPhone Settings.

Open Settings > Notifications > Notification Style > select the Weather app > Allow Notifications.

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