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Equip more Amulets with Jewels of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarök

GOD of War Ragnarök’s world is much bigger than the originals, and a number of upgrades are hidden within it.

One of these is Jewels of Yggdrasil, which will unlock more Amulet slots for Kratos.


Things will get explosive.Credit: Sony Santa Monica

There are multiple Amulets you can collect, such as the Amulet of Enchantment, and they each give a different buff to your stats.

If you want to equip more so you can take on difficult challenges like the Muspelheim Combat Trials then look no further.

Here’s where you can find Jewels of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarök:

Where are Jewels of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarök?

We have found four Jewels of Yggdrasil in our playthrough of God of War Ragnarök.

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One can be found in the library in the Forgotten Sands in Alfheim.

Another can be found as you try to open the chest in Oarsmen Lake of Nine.

The third one is given as the reward for completing the favour The Lost Treasure in the Bay of Bounty.

The final jewel you can find during the Garden for the Dead side mission, though this one is a little trickier to find and complete.

How to complete the Garden for the Dead Favour in God of War Ragnarök

There is a landing spot to the south of Pilgrim’s Landing. Once there, sail through the cave and take a left.

Follow the stairs up, where you can find a realm tear, a chest and a lore scroll.

If you look east from the chest, there are some vines that you can burn using sigil arrows and your blades.

This will reveal a connector that you need to break with your axe.

Go back to where the realm tear was, and zipline over to a hidden region called Noatun’s Garden.

Enemies will attack as you land, so make sure to fight them off.

A ghost, Astrid, will trigger the Garden for the Dead side quest once you speak to her.

Behind Astrid, there is a building with a gap in the wall where you can throw your axe to hit an explosive jar.

Doing so will destroy the first poison totem. The next one is on the north side, with an explosive jar behind it you can use.

This allows you to enter the room you opened before coming to the island. Defeat the enemies here, and the chest inside contains the last Jewel of Yggdrasil.

When you leave there will be more enemies, so you might want to equip your new amulet before then.

Use your chisel on the mirror to the east that is between two troll statues. 

This will open the wall where you can find Lunda’s Broken Cuirass.

Head to the building down south, and you will find a side you can climb up.

Once at the top, destroy the master flower to get a lore marker.

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To the northeast is the last poison totem. You can throw your axe at the connection point to drop a jar on it.

If you enter the building from here, you can find a chest with crafting materials, and a shortcut back to Astrid to turn in the quest.

Written by Kirk McKeand and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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