Second hand car: What to do with which car? Avoid these mistakes and you will benefit Keep this in mind when buying a second hand car


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When buying a second hand car, the average person only pays more attention to the color of the exterior. But in this article we are going to tell you what to look for when buying a second hand car.

The main news is that not everyone can afford a new car, so many people buy second hand cars (second hand car) Prefer shopping. Therefore, the market for second hand vehicles in India has been booming for the last few years. Corona of the last three years (CoronaDuring the period when public transport services were closed, the demand for private vehicles increased. The Corona period also saw a significant increase in sales of second hand cars, including new cars. Security (securityThe market is also booming as many people have bought their own vehicles. We often make some mistakes when buying a car, but then time passes. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you what mistakes to avoid and what to look for when buying a second hand car.

1) Documents should be checked

When buying a second hand car, it is important to check its documents first. The car should be purchased only after a thorough examination of the documents such as car insurance documents, whether there is any loan balance before, registration certificate etc. In addition, the engine number and chassis number written on the documents must be checked. Insurance documents provide information on previous accidents.

2) RC should be in your name

The first RC book should be done in your name after buying a second hand car. For this, you have to fill up the application form 29 and application form 30 from the RTO office. This application is being filled by both the former car owner and the current car owner. Receipt is received 15 to 18 days after the documents are submitted to the RTO and the RC book is usually in the name of the new owner within 40 to 45 days.

3) See fuel record

Many people upgrade their car to CNG as fuel. But this is not actually recorded in the RC book. So keep this in mind when buying a car. The fuel on which the vehicle runs should be recorded in the RC book.

4) See the condition

When buying a car, you should check the condition of the car, take a test drive of the car, along with checking the engine, car brakes, lighting, wiring, cooling, suspension etc. of the car. Show the vehicle to a known artisan, check the suspension by driving the car at different speeds on rough roads, open the bonnet of the car and check the engine, and also if there is any major car accident? To know this, when buying any car, first go to the showroom of the company concerned and check its history, whether the car has been serviced regularly or not. It should be known.

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