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Will the pocket be licked or will the burden be light? From today these gadgets will be cheap, but this will be expensive! – Know which gadgets and electronic products will be cheaper and which will be expensive from 1st April

Today, from April 1, the prices of many things will increase and some things will also become cheaper. Read on to know which g2jets and electronic products will get expensive and which will get cheaper.

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New Delhi : A new financial year has started today i.e. from 1st April. But as the new financial year begins, many things become expensive for common people (expensive) have occurred, but even so there is little cause for concern. Because on the other hand some goods are cheap (cheaper price) have been The direct effect of products becoming cheap and expensive hits the common man’s pocket. Today we are going to tell you which gadgets from April 1 (gadgets) and electronic products (electronic products) will be cheap and expensive to buy. In short, let us find out whether our pocket will be licked or the load on the pocket will be a little lighter.

Let’s see what will be cheaper first.

TV Panel Parts

From today, custom duty on open sale units of TV panels has been reduced by 2.5 percent. The reason behind this is believed to be to boost the domestic production of TVs.

These things will also be cheaper in relation to mobile phones

Customs duty on certain items used in the manufacture of mobile phones has also been reduced. Therefore, the items that have become cheaper include camera lenses. Not just phone lenses, but people looking to buy smartphones, DSLR cameras and laptops for professional photography will also benefit from today, as all three products have become cheaper from today.

Lithium ion battery

The government has also waived customs duty on machinery used to manufacture lithium-ion cells used in smartphones and electric vehicles. So it is understood that this product will also become cheaper from today.

No rate cut has been announced yet

So far none of the consumer electronic or smartphone brands have made any announcement regarding price reduction of their products. So it will be interesting to see how much the prices of these devices will come down.

These electronic devices will be expensive

Buying a chimney for your home kitchen can be expensive from now on. During the budget presentation for 2023, it was informed that the customs duty on chimneys will be increased from 7.5 percent to 15 percent.

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