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Lynx uses ROBOTS to create ‘next generation’ deodorant – here’s how it smells

LYNX is launching its first deodorant created by artificial intelligence.

Powerful software was applied to analyse 6,000 ingredients with 3.5 million potential combinations.


Lynx is launching its first deodorant created by artificial intelligenceCredit: Lynx/Triangle News

It developed Lynx A.I. Body Spray — a “next-generation” smell that combines a blend of sage and mint, with marine, apple and citrus.

Brand manager Josh Plimmer said: “Lynx has always been at the ­cutting-edge of fragrance.

“The launch of Lynx A.I., which was created by crunching 46 terabytes of data, unlocks the code to smell iconic.”

Lynx, popular with teenage lads, created the deodorant in collaboration with Swiss firm Firmenich, the world’s largest private fragrance and taste firm.

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Firmenich’s Chief Information Officer, Eric Saracchi, said: “Our artificial intelligence processed over 46 terabytes of data resulting in this scent combination.

“It is daring, courageous and innovative to combine humans and technology in such an emotional field – the sense of smell.

“We are very excited to launch this game-changing fragrance with Lynx to power up guy’s daily routines.

“Over 50 years of fragrance data and knowledge – along with over 46 terabytes of data has led to the creation of Lynx A.I.”

Most read in The Scottish Sun

The limited edition deodorant will be rolled out nationwide from now until next March.

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