Thinking of getting a 5G smartphone? Understand ‘these’ things before making a decision .. | Many brands have launched their 5G smartphones but now many consumers are wondering whether it would be better to buy a 5G phone


Many brands like OnePlus, Redmi, Xiaomi, Realme and Samsung have launched their 5G smartphones. Their prices also look different. But now many consumers are wondering if it would be too early to buy a 5G phone. He is being told the reason as well.

In India 5G network (5G network) It is yet to be launched and 5G spectrum auctions are expected in the country in the coming months. But you already have a setup through which you will be able to buy 5G inbuilt phones in the country easily and cheaply. OnePlus, Redmi, Xiaomi, Realme And many brands like Samsung have launched their 5G smartphones (smartphone) Are on the market. Their prices are also showing differences. Are. But now many consumers are wondering if it would be too early to buy a 5G smartphone. He is being told the reason as well. But at the moment, we will answer many questions, including whether customers should stay on 4G or shift to 5G phones.

What’s in a 5G smartphone?

One thing to keep in mind when you think of a 5G smartphone, is that 5G is being offered with a Qualcomm or MediaTek processor. Both the chipset makers have launched new SoC for mobile with inbuilt 5G modem. So, when phone makers buy these chipsets from them, they offer premium services for technology that is not in the mainstream line. Brands currently on the market charge you a premium for buying 5G phones. Although you can easily buy a 5G phone for less than Rs 15,000 today, when you compare a 5G device with a 4G phone at the same price, you can see a big difference in features.

In addition to 5G, features are also important

Every time a consumer buys a phone, he sees only 5G in front of his eyes. But at the same time we have to pay attention to other features. India has not yet launched a 5G network. This can take up to six months. So, if you are going to buy a 5G phone in 2022, you should not only focus on 5G but also things like camera, display and battery.
While no one knows how fast data speeds are going to be in the country, many brands have sold 5G to buyers. Yet people are turning to 5G. So if you decide to buy a 5G phone, you should make sure that the phone supports more than 5 networks.

What will happen to 4G with the launch of 5G in India?

According to many experts, the 4G network will continue. The launch of the 5G network will be gradual and then the demand for 4G will probably decrease gradually but it will not end completely. So, if you
Now if you are thinking of getting a 4G phone, you can use it without any hesitation for long term.
5G phones also have some advantages. It is important to understand when buying.

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