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Marvel Snap Is Rolling Out New PvP ‘Battle Mode’ That Lets Players Take on Their Friends

Marvel Snap, the popular online collectible card battle game, has been a phenomenon since its launch in October last year. Fans of the game, which lets you battle your deck of cards featuring popular Marvel heroes and villains against other players, have been clamouring for a PvP mode where they can battle their friends, and the much-awaited feature is now here. Developers Second Dinner announced the new Battle Mode in a tweet from the official Marvel Snap page, informing that the PvP mode will be available in-game starting Tuesday, January 31. The Battle Mode will let users engage in private card battles with their friends in Marvel Snap.

“It’s coming…,” the official Marvel Snap page tweeted. “Get ready for Battle Mode where you can challenge your friends and see who’s really the best!” The tweet announced that the Battle Mode will go live on January 31.

In news posted on its official website earlier this month, Marvel Snap had introduced the Battle Mode 1.0 ahead of its release. According to the post, Battle Mode will pit two players against each other over multiple rounds. “Each player starts with 10 health. Instead of Cubes, what’s at stake is the amount of damage the winner will deal to the loser. If you can deplete your opponent’s health to zero, you win,” the blog post explains.

Additionally, in Battle Mode both players’ decks are locked for the duration of the battle, so a player can memorise the cards in their competitor’s deck. “Keeping track of what cards in your deck haven’t been seen by your opponent can make all the difference in whether you can squeeze out an extra SNAP,” the post says.

In addition to adding Battle Mode to the game, the new Marvel Snap update also rebalances some overperforming cards, according to Glenn Jones, Principal Game Designer at Second Dinner. The patch, however, doesn’t address Surfer and Zabu cards, which began overperforming after the changes were locked in for the update, he tweeted.

The update is expected to hit all compatible iOS, Android, and PC devices by Tuesday. The update hasn’t rolled out yet on iOS, as checked by a Gadgets 360 staff member.

The Battle Mode was initially teased in an official post in December, which outlined the developers’ roadmap for upcoming features for the game. According to the post, a widescreen UI for PC, a smart decks system, an unranked mode, and new competitive modes are in development.

Marvel Snap, which won in the Best Mobile Game category at The Game Awards 2022, is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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