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I flew in a metaverse aircraft that moves and shakes – it made me feel SICK but thrill-seekers will love it

THE metaverse promises all sorts of wild adventures you wouldn’t dare try in the real world.

So how about an aircraft that physically shakes and moves?


The aircraft fits four passengersCredit: SK Telecom

All the while, your VR headset shows you skyscrapers, bridges and rivers that you swoop and dash around.

It was enough to set my motion sickness off within seconds.

But SK Telecom’s virtual aircraft is a breathtaking example of where the metaverse could go – even though that’s not the company’s aim.

The virtual experience simulator is meant to show you how real-life autonomous battery-powered flying taxis could grace our skies as soon as 2025.

It took me on a speedy journey of about three minutes around Seoul and Busan.

Albeit, a very animated looking experience – but enough to make my stomach turn.

Motion sickness is nothing new with VR headsets of course, so I only have myself – and my curiosity – to blame.

But the added element of sitting in a physical aircraft that moves will surely excite thrill-seekers.

It’s easy to see why theme parks are getting in on the act already, without needing lengthy rollercoaster tracks.

SK Telecom was showcasing the technology in Barcelona as part of the MWC (Mobile World Congress) event.

Of course, to be truly metaverse-capable you need to be able to interact with others in the aircraft.

This four-seater experience was not capable of that, it’s merely a clever 360-video playback.

But it definitely shows where the metaverse could go in the not so distant future.

Buckle up


Buckle up

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