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Microsoft admits that Halo: Infinite ‘failed at the finish line’

ONE of the publishers working on Halo: Infinite, Matt Booty, admitted that Halo: Infinite “failed” in an interview.

Speaking on the Friends-Per-Second podcast, Booty admitted that while the launch was successful, players soon started to leave.


Players were reportedly disappointed by the multiplayer.Credit: 343 Studios

The studio still has plans to bring players back, and blames a lack of interesting content updates for the decline.

He said: “These days, with a game like Halo: Infinite, shipping the game is just the beginning. 

“There has got to be a plan for content sustain; there has got to be a plan for regular continuing engagement. And we just fell short of the plan on that.”

He was grateful to the player base who had stuck with the game in the hopes of upcoming updates.

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Fans were critical of the game on release, due to the number of promised features which were missing at launch.

Many games launch in an incomplete state. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been criticised for missing features from launch.

Most notably the Combat Record, which tells you how well you played, and Hardcore mode are currently absent.

Booty apologised saying: “Thank you to the players for sticking with us through this. 

“We know there is way more demand and there is so much more we could be delivering. 

“That is our focus right now, on quality of life for the game and getting on a regular cadence of content, getting back to that.”

The development studio 343 Industries said they are working on a more effective method of getting content to players, following complaints.

Popular YouTuber moistCr1TiKaL, called 343 the “worst developer” when it comes to game quality and updates.

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However, it claims there are updates in the works, including a Winter Update which will bring more maps, and campaign co-op to Halo: Infinite.

The Forge beta, which will allow players to design their own levels, and a new battle pass are also reportedly being worked on.

Written by Junior Miyai and Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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