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Launch of new tool needed in computer like mouse, keyboard – microsoft ceo satya nadella launch new tool copilot

Just as the computer is now forced to use the keyboard, the mouse cannot work without it, so will the future with this new tool.

New York: Another new revolution is about to take place in computers. Due to this revolution, this tool will become mandatory like mouse, keyboard. This tool is going to be the most powerful tool of this decade. Microsoft has launched this tool. Hours of work will be done in seconds with this tool. Microsoft has named this tool Copilot. This tool is going to revolutionize office work. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella launched the tool at an event. Satya Nadella claims that this tool will make your life easier.

What is this tool?

Let’s answer all the questions about what is Co pilot tool, how it works and how this tool will change your life. For this let’s understand an example of Copilot tool.

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Whether you work in an office and the boss wants to give a power point presentation, or you want a job somewhere, you need to prepare a power point presentation. Then you will spend three to four hours or more for these tasks. But this tool will do your job in seconds. What to write in Power Point slides, what design to put, what animation to put, what template to choose, what photos to insert, how to use animation, etc… all this is going to happen in seconds. And all this is going to be done by Copilot. All you have to do is give him a command. After that your work will be done in few seconds.

Microsoft recently hosted an event. In this event, Satya Nadella, the CEO of the company, gave information about the Copilot tool. He said, Copilot is a tool designed to help people get the most difficult tasks done in seconds.

This tool will be mandatory in the computer

Satya Nadella has said that just as the keyboard and mouse are now mandatory in computers, the same will happen with the Copilot tool in the future. Apart from this, one cannot work on the computer. That means Copilot is going to be a necessary thing for computers like keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft 360 Copilot This tool from the company will be available with all Microsoft Office 365 products. Copilot will be supported in Microsoft products like Ms Word, Ms Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Copilot will not only be used for Power Point, but be it SOWT Analysis in Ms Excel, charting or graphing in Excel, everything will be done in seconds.

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