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Millions of Android users should check phone and delete these apps – or it could cost you

HAVING too many apps could inadvertently cost you more.

Think about it, loads of apps means more storage space needed and therefore buying a smartphone with a higher spec or even spending money on cloud storage.


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Thankfully, Android has some useful tools that allow you to go beyond simply sifting through your device and deleting the ones you don’t use.

What’s more, it’ll even reveal the ones you don’t use that much.

Uninstalling apps on Android

One concern people have about deleting apps is losing something they paid for.

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Fortunately, if you’ve bought an app from the Google Play Store you can uninstall it and still get it back should you want it again in the future, without having to pay twice.

Note: There is one exceptional time you won’t be able to get it back and that’s if the app is removed from the app store entirely.

To see a list of all your apps and uninstall them, go to the Google Play Store.

Tap the profile icon at the top right.

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Select Manage apps and device, followed by Manage.

You’ll see a full list of all your apps here, where you can select the ones you want to delete and hit Uninstall.

How to tell which apps I use least

Android will automatically make some changes to any unused apps it detects.

If you haven’t touched them for a long time, it does things like deleting temporary files associated with the app to free up space.

You can review which apps have been put in this category by going to the Settings and finding Apps.

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Select Unused apps and you’ll see which have been added to the list.

This could be a good indicator for what you uninstall altogether if you need help deciding.

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