Minecraft YouTuber recreated a British National Trust landmark


YOUTUBER Grian recreated a full model of Dorset’s Corfe Castle, with the help of the National Trust, to inspire children to learn more about their history.

The castle which stands on the road between Wareham and Swanage now stands in ruins.


The real Corfe Castle in DorsetCredit: National Trust

But with the help of historian Alice Loxton, and archeologist Martin Papworth, Grian recreated what the castle would look like if it was still standing.

Grian shared the completed model with his Minecraft loving audience on YouTube where he has almost 8million subscribers.

The National Trust chose to partner up with the popular YouTuber in order to “engage a younger audience in history.”

Microsoft and The National Trust both hope that the project will encourage young people all over Britain to take an interest in historical monuments and try to replicate them in the game.

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Grian hopes the project will allow educators to see the value of video games as a tool for learning in the classroom.

On the project he said: “I look forward to seeing how people rebuild the ruins in their own way. 

“The fact that this will have an impact on education is what makes this project extra special for me.

“Using gaming to enhance learning is something I never experienced at school but I’m so glad that some students today get to!”

Papworth praised Grian for his work in particular for the accuracy, and imagination that he brought to Dorset’s landmark.

Speaking of Grian he said “He not only accomplished an accurate recreation of the various historical styles within the castle grounds, but also miraculously combined it with his own imagination.

“We cannot wait to see more inspirational designs by more young minds!”

Minecraft is the perfect game for building anything that can be imagined.

It has a large number of materials to work with, so players can build virtually any idea they have out of the game’s block pieces. 

Players have already recreated a number of impressive places in the game, such as the Imperial Summer Palace, and Lord of the Rings’ Middle Earth.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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