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Missing Facebook Edit Button Causes Storm on Social Media

Several social media users were perplexed on Wednesday after getting to know that the Edit function on Facebook postings was gone. Users shared posts including the screenshots on Twitter which revealed that users were no longer allowed to modify their Facebook postings, and they were quick to respond to the news, a report from said.

The Facebook users took to Twitter and other social media platforms complaining about the suddenly disappeared edit button from their Facebook posts.

“Why is the edit button missing? I also can’t edit to add more pictures to a post anymore. WHY? Why would have to start an entire new list? Fix this Facebook edit button Facebook,” one user wrote.



Another user shared a screenshot of his Facebook post and wrote, “Am I missing something? My Edit button on Facebook is adios as in gone.”



“The thing I’m looking forward to most about the coming economic crash is when Twitter gives us the edit button to cover for missing earnings estimates in a bad quarter and Facebook gives us the emoji reaction as a paid feature to juice their earnings,” wrote a third user.

People appeared to be perplexed at the button’s disappearance in general, and they urged Facebook to offer an explanation for why the functionality was vanished. Few users also urged to fix it.

However, as of yet, Facebook has not explained why certain users are unable to view the option. Most people appear to have concluded that Facebook changed its functionality on purpose, although this would be a quite significant change to make without first mentioning it, further said.

While some users reported that the option to modify a Facebook post appears to have vanished on their Apple devices after installing the newest version of the Apple operating system.

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