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Mizkif feud explained: What did the Twitch streamer say about Ice Poseidon, CrazySlick and Adrianna Lee

TOP Twitch streamers Mizkif and Trainwreckstv are engaged in an online feud on Twitter that appears to have started over comments about gambling on the platform.

So what happened? Here’s everything you need to know about the feud.


Streamer Mizkif has over two million followers on TwitchCredit: Instagram/@realmizkif

Mizkif and Ice Poseidon feud explained

Streamer Mizkif has found himself in the middle of a row with fellow content creator Ice Poseidon.

Ice Poseidon revealed racist and homophobic slurs in their private Twitter messages.

In a post on Twitter, the controversial figure said: “Mizkif, I brought you into this world and now I’m taking you out.”

He then posted four pictures of their Twitter DMs spanning June 2018 – February 2019.

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The messages appear to show homophobic and racist language directed towards Ice Poseidon and others around at the time.

One of the messages read: “Can you stop being a f****t and pay me.”

Another read: “There’s a n****r in the car.”

What did Mizkif say about CrazySlick and Adrianah Lee?

Twitch personality Adrianah Lee has spoken out supporting claims that Mizkif covered up an assault she spoke about back in 2020.

She claims that she was passed out when someone came into the room and placed their hands on her chest repeatedly in what they say was “checking her pulse”.

In a recording that is thought to be of Mizkif, he alludes to a sexual assault that has allegedly taken place.

He says : “Of what you can deem of it, it’s sexual harassment whatever, it’s not really a big deal, I don’t think people really gave a s*** or really cared.”

The controversy started in September 2022 following a Twitter row between Mizkif and Trainwreckstv, where Mizkif was accused of covering an alleged sexual assault by his former roommate CrazySlick.

What did Mizkif say about Trainwreckstv?

Popular creator Mizkif has fired back at Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Niknam for defending gambling content on Twitch.

Niknam, 31, said: “The people scapegoating Slots, Blackjack, and Roulette and not blaming the individual, are the real problem.”

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Mizkif is trying to get gambling taken off Twitch after fellow content creator ItsSliker admitted to having a gambling addiction which drove him to ask for money from his followers.

Mizkif felt that removing it from the platform would make gambling less accessible and attractive to viewers.

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