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Best money-making apps for your iPhone or Android to start a side-hustle

Best money-making apps for your iPhone or Android to start a side-hustle

SMARTPHONES are the tech of choice when running a business or creating a side-hustle, according to new research.

Apple iPhones and Android devices have evolved so much over the past decade that people essentially now carry tiny laptops in their back pockets.


One app sets up animal lovers with busy pet owners to look after their furry friends for cash

Research from BT’s business division has revealed that British entrepreneurs now can’t live without their mobile phones.

More than half of business-minded Brits rank their smartphone as the one device they couldn’t make their living without.

And there are an increasing number of apps cropping up to help people do this.

Popular marketplace app and website Ebay can help users earn a quick buck through selling pre-loved items.

But Ebay isn’t the only one.

Similar apps, Depop or Vinted, are also good alternatives and often feature accounts who make their whole living from finding and reselling trendy vintage and worn goods.

Not so much into fashion or furniture?

A lesser known app, called Fiverr, helps users capitalise off their skills by connecting freelancers with business owners in need of services like graphic design or language translations.

Then there’s Swagbucks, which pays users to take surveys on behalf of retailers.

There are thousands of surveys, all ranging in time length and topic.

If you have the luxury of owning a car but not always needing it – Turo is an app that can be used to rent out your vehicle.

Whether it be a luxurious car or van big enough to help with a house move, smartphone users can use the app to earn extra cash.

But if you haven’t got a car to spare, and instead have some free time you’re wishing to take advantage of – fear not.

Not owning a car but having a car parking space can also earn you money.

JustPark Parking is an app where people can rent out their unused parking spaces for a daily, weekly or monthly fee.

It’s popular among renters and leasers, as users can earn money without having to do much beyond app admin and car-owners feel as though their vehicle is safer than in a parking garage.

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Meanwhile an app called Rover sets up animal lovers with busy pet owners to look after their furry friends.

The app covers thousands of neighbourhoods in 10 countries, and can earn you money through walking, boarding, housesitting or dropping in on pets while their owners are away.

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