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Watch Moon eclipse Uranus this weekend – best times to look up at the night sky

THE Moon is set to eclipse Uranus once again, but it will only be visible from a handful of locations on Earth.

Uranus, our solar system’s third largest planet, will pass behind of the Moon on Saturday, January 28.


Those in the UK will be disappointed, however, as it is unlikely to appear in that portion of the skyCredit: Reuters

Tomorrow night, amateur astronomers and space enthusiasts in Greenland, parts of Canada and Alaska will possibly be able to view the sight.

However, star gazers should be reminded that visibility in the night’s sky is unpredictable.

While scientists can warn folks when a dazzling display should appear, there is little telling how visible it will be on the night.

A cloudy sky can quickly scupper sight-seeing plans.

Watchers in Alaska will need to look to the sky sometime between 15:38 and 04:24 local time to spot the display.

Canadians will want to keep their eyes peeled between 18:42 and 04:53.

While star gazers in Greenland can expect the Moon to eclipse the blue planet sometime between 09:27 and 04:58.

Northern parts of the globe will be graced with the sight this time around.

Those in the UK will be disappointed, however, as it is unlikely to appear in that portion of the sky.

Though UK locals were graced with a view at the beginning of the year, when the Moon eclipsed Uranus on New Years Day.

Unfortunately, for the many who will miss it this time around – there’s a long wait until the next.

The next time Uranus makes this trip past the Moon, and be visible from Earth, is around September 2029.

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