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Netflix fans blast new ‘bill page’ amid warnings it ‘hides’ superior plan

Netflix fans blast new ‘bill page’ amid warnings it ‘hides’ superior plan

NETFLIX fans have noticed that the streaming juggernaut is hiding one of its subscription plans.

The Stranger Things hit-maker introduced a cheaper ad-supported tier in November last year – and apparently it’s not doing too well.


Where’s the original Basic plan gone?

For £4.99 / $6.99, users can access most of Netflix’s TV shows and movies, as long as they’re prepared to sit through the occasional ad.

It means there are now four plans to choose from – the new Basic with Ads and three options without ads, Basic, Standard and Premium.

However, if you go to the sign up page it only shows three.

The original Basic plan without ads has mysteriously disappeared.

Instead, it’s hidden further down in tiny text which says, “See all plans”.

Aside from no ads, the original Basic plan has the advantage of access to Netflix’s full catalogue and allows you to download stuff offline, versus the new ad-based service.

So what’s behind the move?

It could be that the firm is just trying to be helpful during a cost of living crisis, showing people the cheapest option (which is £2 / $2 less per month compared to the usual Basic plan).

But there are also murmurs that the ad-supported idea has got off to a sluggish start.

Last year, Netflix’s Chief Operating and Chief Product Officer Greg Peters said “we’re not really trying to steer our members to one plan or another”.

“We’re trying to take a pro-consumer approach and sort of let them find and land on the right plan for them,” Tech Radar reports him as saying.

“And so, we really anticipate that this is going to be a pro-consumer model that will be more attractive, bring more members in because the consumer pricing price is low.”

Either way, the Basic plan is there, you just need to dig a little deeper to find it.

Netflix has suggested it could introduce even more ad-supported options in future too.

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