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Netflix could be costing you extra every single month – fix your settings right now

NETFLIX users have been warned to watch out for an easy mistake that can make your bills go up.

Streaming video content uses a lot of data so be careful about how much Netflix uses on your iPhone or Android device.


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If you have a limited amount of home broadband you should also pay attention.

And of course, the higher the video quality, the more data that gets sucked up.

Fortunately Netflix offers a number of data options so you don’t have a nasty surprise on your phone or broadband bill.

Here’s how to check.

How to control how much data Netflix uses

From your smartphone, go into Netflix and find App Settings.

Select the option called Mobile Data Usage.

You have four options to choose from.

Automatic lets Netflix balance data usage and video quality – You can watch about 4 hours per GB of data.

The Wi-Fi Only option blocks you from watching anything using your mobile data and only allows Wi-Fi.

Save Data gives you enough to watch about six hours per GB of data.

And Maximum Data goes for the highest possible video quality – this can use up a lot of data, so should only be used if you have an unlimited data plan.

Another important bit is downloading shows offline.

On the App Settings screen, make sure Wi-Fi Only is switched on to prevent using even more data to download shows.

You can also adjust the settings from a desktop computer too.

Just login and go to Account.

Find Profile and Parental Controls, then select a profile.

Go to Playback Settings and hit Change.

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