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Netflix to make major change – fans are furious and threaten to quit for good

NETFLIX fans are threatening to quit the streaming giant for good after hearing about strict new rules.

Subscribers could be expected to watch something from their “primary location” at least once every 31 days to prove its not someone who lives outside their household using the account.


Netflix’s password crackdown has been on the cards for a whileCredit: NETFLIX

Otherwise your device will be blocked.

It comes as the Stranger Things hit-maker prepares to introduce a long-expected password sharing ban with anyone outside your home.

“The first time one of my devices gets blocked improperly and you make me jump through extra hoops, @netflix, I’m out,” one user wrote.

“The moment I’m inconvenienced trying to access the service remotely or due to a device cap in my home, I’ll likely cancel,” another said.

“Canceling my account soon,” a third threatened.

“Ridiculous that my daughter in college will not be able to use the family account.”

The now-removed page said you must “connect to the Wi-Fi at your primary location, open the Netflix app or website, and watch something at least once every 31 days” on every device.

By detecting things like IP address, Netflix will be able to work out whether the device connected to the service is part of that household or not.

So any friends or family not living with you and using your account could be bumped off as soon as March.

After the rules were widely reported, Netflix pulled the page from its website.

Speaking to The Verge, the firm said it’s not confirmed how it will stop password sharing yet.

A spokesperson told the publication: “As you may remember, we rolled out Extra Member in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru back in March. But the US (and other countries) don’t have it…

“The only thing we’ve confirmed so far is that in our earnings on 19 January that ‘Later in Q1, we expect to start rolling out paid sharing more broadly.”

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